Giving February 29, 2016

Get out the tissues…making camp possible

I'm proud to be part of our Windermere Foundation that gives back to our local community.

For every transaction I do with Windermere, a donation is made to the Foundation.

Here's a look at where some of these donations go in my neighborhood.


Foundation "bites" | Our local "gives" in recap…February 2016:

John Rogers Elementary  $4480 for 5th grade camp

Viewlands Elementary  $3000  for Islandwood camp

Brazilian / Martial Arts Dance Class for Low Income Housing Institute 2x a week for 2016 for 100 kiddos  $2,700

YMCA Week long summer Camp for 65 Kids $12,025  from two housing projects in NE Seattle


QUOTE FROM STEVE LEWIS , Executive Director of University YMCA


I have had the opportunity to personally attend the first day of registration for these families at the North Seattle Family Center in Lake City.  The questions raised there ranged from the anxious "are there bears at camp?" to the slightly bizarre "are there adults there?" to the astonished "So I can choose mountain biking if I want to?" I will always be struck by the child who walked up to me afterwards and asked, simply, "do I really get to go to camp?"  This question will stay with me forever.  It struck me that, for this child, the perception is that good things like camp only happen to others.  With the support of the Windermere Foundation, we have the opportunity to change this and give sixty-five children a sense that they too are deserving of experiences that bring out the best in them.