Neighborhood October 5, 2018

Seattle Neighborhood Series – Viaduct Closure

I’m starting a new feature on my blog called the, “Neighborhood Series”. 

It will inform, educate and hopefully help my Seattle neighbors understand and learn about this great city and its beloved neighborhoods.


My first post is about our beloved Viaduct coming down.

It’s finally here. The new SR99 Tunnel is ready to Open this fall and then they will bring down our Seattle waterfront icon, the Viaduct.

Sure, it might have come down on its own during the next earthquake but I’m one of the Seattleites that’ll miss this concrete monstrosity. 

I’ve driven on it, run the St. Patty’s Day Dash on it, been drowned out by the traffic noise on it and seen it define our skyline for so long.

 Sorry to see it go but can’t wait to see the transformation.