Market Info October 31, 2018

Seattle’s Rental Cost #3 in nation…

Seattle still at the top for Rental cost, #3.    

We’ve had a big runup for Rents over the last few years because of a lot of population growth and a shortage of rental units.

While Seattle is the 3rd most expensive city in the US to rent, median is now $2600/month, our rents are not increasing as quickly anymore. 


This is good intel to have for investors and potential buyers waiting on the sidelines to buy in Seattle.

Most economist point to all of the building cranes around Seattle that are flooding the market with new rentals.

This is true but these new rentals are coming on in the upper end of the market so there is and will still be a shortage in Seattle of affordable rentals.


As with our housing prices, things are still rising just not as much as the last few years.

This fact along with the uncertainty of interest rates rising as well, this winter could be the best time to get into the Seattle real estate market.

If you’re waiting for prices to actually decline, for renting or purchasing, it doesn’t look like that will be happening in 2019.

But the slowdown in price appreciation this summer and fall has created a good opportunity to enter the hot Seattle market during a “pause” in the frenzy.


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