Remodeling January 26, 2024

Big News: Remodeling Evaluations

We’re excited to launch 2024 off with a new designation for J&J Real Estate as
Residential Remodeling Specialists® RRS® 

The RRS® will support our homeowners, buyers and sellers with real world advice and cost estimates on any home remodeling project. We develop a pre & post valuation specific to your home to show how much the improvements increase the overall value & equity in your property. 

For sellers, a RVA, remodel value analysis, can help them explore how home improvements will add to the final sales price and decrease the time to sell!  

For buyers, we can do a RVA, including all cost info, on any home you’re considering so you can decide which property will ultimately be the right one for you.

We even have the list of contractors, lenders and all the vendors you’ll need to complete your project!

Reach out to us today for your personalized remodeling evaluation.


Robert & Lari Johnson | J&J Real Estate