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 lindsay pincus

   Lindsay Pincus is a residential interior designer with projects up and down the West Coast. Her journey as a designer began at Cornell, where she studied hotels and became influenced by the hospitality industry's unique balance of inviting allure and striking choices. Between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Lindsay worked for and with some of the world's leading hotels and restaurants. However, home is where the heart  is, and a series of inspiring residential projects in San Francisco inevitably grew into  Lindsay Pincus Design. 

   Now in Seattle, Lindsay carries a little piece of each city in her soul and in her style, favoring warm livability accentuated by bold combinations and confident colors. She believes a home should tell the story of its owners, and approaches each project with the singular mission of delivering unique inspiration that will last her clients a lifetime. Lindsay is inspired every day by her own family, particularly her little son Bastian (who  happens to live in a very cool bedroom).