My newest listing – Condo in the UDistrict

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When the home you love goes to someone else to love

Congratulations to a wonderful family that can now move back home to be with family!
It always feels great when a beloved home can be passed on to another family to love as well.

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The Big Melt 2019 – This phase could be the most damaging yet.

Here are a few thoughts about melting snow, possible water intrusion and houses from Don McFeron at Scout Building Inspections:

“Gutters and downspouts full of snow and ice can back up if it starts raining before the snow and ice melt.

Water backing up in the gutters can be a real problem if you have a house without much of a roof overhang, because instead of wetting the soffits, it can get into the walls.

Roof downspout in-ground drains can ice up, and then the water coming down the downspouts can spill out next to the foundation. If the house has a finished basement, the water next to the house could get into wall cavities through the footing-to-foundation joint, and any through-wall penetrations or cracks. Make sure that water coming out of the downspouts runs down into functioning in-ground drains, or route the water on the surface far enough away from the foundation that the water cannot run down next to it and get into the basement or the crawl space.

Snow in a basement window well can get up against the windows and window trim. When the snow melts it could get in through small gaps between the windows and trim.

Water from melting snow that has piled up against a door can get in through weep holes and weather stripping as it melts.

When you shovel a walkway, be careful to not pile the snow up against the side of the house.

Snow on a roof can get up under the flashing around skylights, chimneys, plumbing vents, attic ridge vents, etc. Pretty much all of the flashings and roof boots are designed to protect against water that is flowing down hill. Blowing snow can get under the edges of flashings or pack in around them and then drip down behind them as it melts. Usually the amount of water would not be noticeable, but in a situation where there are several inches of snow followed by a quick melt and a lot of rain, it could be a problem.

I cleared the snow off of my roof top deck tonight because the snow was deep enough that when it melted it could have gotten up under the siding, through gaps between the door to the roof or through perimeter flashings and into the house. The through-wall drains were packed with snow so that water may not have been able to drain through them.

Keep dry,


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Best DIY bang for your buck.

Getting ready to sell or want to update for family this summer?

Not all DIY projects will net you as much profit in the end.


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A deep soak and water frontage in Northgate!


I found this while touring in North Seattle. This house was uniquely updated from top to bottom.

A rare find in the Northgate neighborhood on Thornton Creek. All yours for $1.1 million.

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Six Ingenious, Boundary-Pushing Designs That Reinvented the Meaning of Home in 2015

egg-shaped microdwellings that run on wind, sun, and rainwater

Here is a short list of convention-busting designs that we ( covered in 2015 on the Eye that challenge the status quo and the meaning of home.

The Eye | SLATE’S DESIGN BLOG. | DEC. 24 2015

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What’s next for home tech

The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) trade show took place last week in Las Vegas. If you thought last year’s best technology from CES was cool, this year brings a whole new meaning to “innovation.”

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Current Design Trends That Will Date Your Home

The "all white everything" in the kitchen may be short-lived.

All white is going out

from US News & World Report, Real Estate

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