Finance Why Buy in a Shifting Market? There’s opportunity in real estate, even with shifting market conditions. Here’s a few of the ‘why’ to consider this Fall/Winter. This comes from a great site called Keeping Current Matters that explains all the data we see daily.
Finance Tax Season is Here – I can help Did you buy a home or refinance in 2021 – I can get you a copy of your settlement statement with all the info you’ll need when you file your federal taxes. Reach out to me today –
Finance Cities w/most job opportunities – Seattle #1 Another reason that urban flight is not as prevalent in Seattle. Amazon might be the largest employer but they enjoy the company of 33 other Fortune 500 companies in the Puget Sound area. Makes Seattle a desirable and economically stable city to call home. #linkedinsurvey #iloveseattle #robertbjohnson #wearewindermere #windermerewedgwood #workwithafriend #neighbohoodspecialist #seattle #seattleneighborhoods #economy #seattlerealestate
Finance 2020 – Why you want to be in Seattle I was able to listen to our chief economist for Windermere yesterday for his annual economic forecasts heading into 2020. The slides below illustrate his forecast for the Seattle area moving into 2020. #realestateislocal  Matthew Gardner, while being one of the brightest minds in our company, knows how to deliver a message. We all know […]
Finance Hot off the press, Gardner Report on W.WA housing Hot off the press, the Gardner Report on the Western WA housing market. Matthew is always insightful and brings his expert opinion on our local economy, jobs & policies and how they will impact housing. A good read for anyone planning a move in W.WA! #robertbjohnson #workwithafriend #seattleneighborhoods #knowyourstats   Posted July 25 2019, 11:00 […]
Finance Realtors working for Real Estate Investors   The NAR, National Association of Realtors, is working to clarify part of the recent tax reform that relates to Net Business Income: Can Real Estate Investors take the 20% deduction for their Rental Property Income. Stay tuned…we’re working to find out.    
Finance Down Payment Assistance is out there! Yes, down payment assistance even in the super heated Seattle area real estate market. Click on the link below to search for programs available specifically for you and make your homeownership dreams a reality.  
Finance Today’s Interest Rate Check 1.29.16 Interest Rates back below 4% for a 30 Year Fixed!   Warm [Energy Efficient] Regards, Dave Porter LEED GA, CGP, CAPS, MIRM, SRES, NAR Green MLO# 483876 Cell: 206-304-8228 eFax: 425-324-3362 Apply Online- click the Logo below
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Finance How To Buy Real Estate With Leverage In A 401(k) Plan  From: Forbes | Investing | Adam Bergman, CONTRIBUTOR | JAN 26, 2016  Adam explains how to tap into your retirement account and reallocate and invest in a  home purchase.  There are some rules to follow to not get penalized but with recent stock market  uncertainty, many investors are looking to put their money into real estate.  
Finance Interest Rate Check from David Porter, Homestreet Bank Interest rates at 4% for a 30 year fixed. Even with the Fed announcing their increase. Rate check:    Warm [Energy Efficient] Regards, Dave Porter LEED GA, CGP, CAPS, MIRM, SRES, NAR Green MLO# 483876 Cell: 206-304-8228 eFax: 425-324-3362 Apply Online- click the Logo below
Finance Fannie Mae offers new mortgage 3% Down A new opportunity for home ownership is available to credit-worthy low- to moderate-income borrowers through Fannie Mae’s new HomeReadymortgage program. The financing, available for purchase loans and refinancing, loosens some requirements that have kept consumers out of the housing market or limited their option to refinance. The loans are available with a down payment of 3 […]
Finance Impact on the fed increase by David Porter, Homestreet Bank There is a misconception amongst consumers that mortgage rates automatically push higher when the Fed raises its benchmark Fed Funds Rate. Let’s remember that the Fed can’t control long-term rates, which are more based on economic conditions and inflation expectations. Consumers will be impacted in the following ways: Basically, short term interest rate loans are […]
Finance Fed to raise interest rates at meeting today?! 12.16.15 The Federal Reserve board is scheduled to meet today and experts are saying that they will raise rates for the first time in 3 years. The increase is said to be as much as .25%. More reason than ever to find your home soon before rates increase more moving into 2016. Here's the projection […]