Market InfoNeighborhood September 28, 2021

This is a first for me – dive inspection!

This floating home is on the east side of Lake Union, close to the Sleepless in Seattle home!
Getting a new skill set for my resume, floating home agent 😀 And, not a bad day to be on the water.

Market InfoNeighborhood September 24, 2021

Three new light rail stations – North Seattle, Oct 2nd!

SEATTLE — Commuters will soon be able to ride underground from Downtown Seattle to Northgate traffic-free when three new Link light rail stations open next month.

The 4.3-mile Northgate Link Extension will open on Oct. 2 with new stations in Northgate, the University District and Roosevelt.

The U-District and Roosevelt stations are underground. The Northgate station is elevated and will act as a transit hub with frequent bus connections, a park-and-ride, and a bicycle and pedestrian bridge to North Seattle College.

During peak hours, trains will run every 8 minutes. A trip from Northgate to the Westlake Station in downtown Seattle will take 14 minutes.

Tacoma’s Hilltop, the Eastside, Lynnwood, Federal Way and Downtown Redmond stations open by 2024 and will nearly triple the length of the region’s light rail system from 22 to 62 miles.


Market Info July 30, 2021

What exodus? Seattle kept growing during pandemic

From my little Seattle centric real estate world, it felt like a busy year. I heard all the stories of people fleeing cities across the US but when you look at the data, Seattle’s population grew +1.1% over the last year. As this article in the Seattle Times says, “not a record-breaking year, to be sure, but still respectable.” Seattle bucks the trend of just about every other top 20 metro in the country with this population growth.

This matters to all of us in the region because it shows the continued interest and desirability of the Seattle area for investment and job seekers.

The future is still bright for Seattle metro and our state and this is just one indication of that strong economic future.

GivingHome IdeasMotivationalNeighborhood March 8, 2021

Spring Cleaning

Its time for the ever popular Shred Event in the back parking lot of my office . Bring us your stuff or just come by to say hello. Social Distancing and Masks – √ check.

Market Info January 4, 2021

Amazon surpasses Boeing as WA biggest employer

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Amazon is remaking the Seattle and WA economy.
And now, Boeing’s boom and bust cycles are not so devastating to our economy.
I would like to see more diversity and giving back to the community from Amazon.
The housing affordability issue is real in Seattle and Amazon could have a bigger impact on this problem if it chooses to.
The Seattle Times article “Amazon surpasses Boeing as Washington state’s biggest employer” has some good reporting on the pros and cons of both of our two largest employers.
FamiliyGiving November 25, 2020

This year, let’s donate our pies!

Each year at this time, my girls and I are out delivering pumpkin pies to my clients for Thanksgiving Day.

This year, my amazing clients asked us to donate their pies to families in need.

Today, we brought almost 40 pumpkin pies to the Magnuson Park Community Food Pantry for their Wednesday community pick up.

Have a warm and safe Thanksgiving and Holiday season.

The Johnsons – Morgan, Paige and Robert.

FamilyGivingMarket InfoMotivationalNeighborhood October 16, 2020

Old School Postcard

Coming to you old school, my latest postcard…
Contact me for more info on any of these great events coming up this fall.


GivingMotivational October 29, 2019

Skydiving for the WRE Foundation!

Maybe the scariest thing I’ve ever done!

But I’m so proud of our Wedgwood crew that raised almost $2000 for our Windermere Foundation by jumping out of a plane!